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Originally Posted by Bigdogjim View Post
Unless I am mistaken all '04's are A cars? SOo to speak. A & B were only '03's and then it only appiled to the blacks?
Yes and No ^^^^.

All 2004 MMs are 300A because there was only one job in the model year run (but they have "most of" the same features as the 2003 300B models). I say most because of the black valve covers and the underhood lights on some 2003 300Bs.

2003 MM year had two jobs (there was a mid-year change)

2003 300A were the initial production that ran until about October 2002.

Pretty certain that all 2003 300A's were black.

Silver Birch and Blue MMs were added to production beginning in about October 2002.

All 2003 Blue MMs are 300B (No Blues made in 2004). I think all 2003 Silver Birch MMs are also 300B. 2004 SBs are 300A. All 2004 DTRs are 300A (No DTRs made in 2003)

2003 Black MMs could be 300A or 300B (and there were some in-betweeners that had a combination of 300A & 300B features). The "Tweeners" have been called "Pre-Decontented" MMs meaning before all the 300A contents were removed (e.g. full sized spare, remote fuel door, map pockets, separate dash clock, etc).
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