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Old 04-17-2012, 06:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Smalldogg/03mm View Post
What's the pros and cons about Nos.. Don't hear a lot of us here doing that..

I use a 100shot with a bottle heater and purge. Had it dyno tuned it got 368hp I think. Hits hard out of the hole. See my signature for 1/4 mile times. I only have used it on the track. Has been a couple times I have sprayed on the street.
cheap power
If you don't want to use it shut it off
It's safe in low doses (after a dyno tune).
It makes a cool PSSST sound with the purge valve

You run out of bottle your done
You can blow up the motor if your not carful or if your to care free
(do your research on how big of jets to use)
It's not always under your right foot like a super charger or even better a turbo
You can find good used kits for under $800 with two bottles, heater and purge.
Any other questions just pm me ill answer them all if I can.
Nitrous, a TURBO, 4.10's, are like a hot blonde with a STD, you really want to hit it but you are just afraid of the consequences.

Best e/t 12.7 @108mph with a 1.9 60' on eagle f1.
best on e/t streets 12.40 @108 with a 1.6 60'<---- finally NOT faster then justbob.

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Old 04-18-2012, 11:13 PM
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I want to go with some NOS so bad but i cannot afford to burn my motor up at all because I drive my car everyday but I only want to use it at the track but im thinking of getting a 100 shot I want it sooooo bad
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Old 04-19-2012, 04:25 AM
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Let me say this again.... NA SVT is spot on and I LOVE my 4.30's! Highway RPM at 76 is 2750 and I get 20 MPG.

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Old 04-19-2012, 04:50 PM
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N20 might be an option but in my experience with an '06 Mustang GT adding headers,high flow cats, CAI, tune, Detroit Rocker cams, & 3:73's in hindsight I should have done what Lidio did to his Mustangs. Just put a big honkin' Whipple kit on it, leave everything else basically stock, run quick times and keep some streetability to it. If I mod the MM, it will be done that way. For me, the loud, hard shiftin', scary on rain car got a little old even as a weekend car. If that's what you want, have fun! Of course you have leeway in the tune, but dyno time costs $$$.
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Old 04-20-2012, 03:10 PM
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Originally Posted by justbob View Post
Let me say this again.... NA SVT is spot on and I LOVE my 4.30's! Highway RPM at 76 is 2750 and I get 20 MPG.

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nasvt is bang on with the gears.

I have 4.30s in the mach1, with a 26" (well, 25.6") tire, and it's bang on for this motor on the street. If I had cobra cams, I'd want 4.56s, to get the absolute most out of it in the 1/4.

The MM will likely get 4.30s though despite the bigger tires, because I will be using the mustang's 26" tires at the track. I could probably get away with more gear, as it's far away from running out of gear at the other end of the track in NA form; but it does have a dry nitrous kit on it, which I might start using at some point...

With regards to the underdrive pulleys, I've had those on my 96gt; didn't make a whole lot of difference, but then again nothing did on that car. The main difference I've noticed was that the alternator was getting overloaded at idle or close to idle, as the headlights were dimming with the stereo on. On the mach1 I went with an electric water pump instead; the water pump basically is an electric motor with a freewheeling pulley as a result. The end result is, same 10-12hp gain across the band, better cooling in stop and go traffic (electric wp flows constant rate, not like the belt driven one), but it did cost 350 bucks for the pump and ~35 for the wiring kit/relay. I will probably do that on the MM as well instead of the UDPs.
3 mod motor vehicles
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1 marauder.
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